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Why Fibreglass Swimming pool

Why Fibreglass Swimming pool

A fibreglass swimming pool can be installed in as little as 5 to 10 days. A concrete pool may take as long as 3 months and you will save time and money by not having to do any tiling. Weather conditions usually won't hold up the installation of a fibreglass swimming pool. The shell arrives on-site pre-formed, complete and weatherproof.
Another advantage of fibreglass swimming pool over in ground concrete pools is that fibreglass swimming pool is not abrasive and there are no sharp, dangerous edges. The surface of fibreglass swimming pool is smooth and non-abrasive, no skin off fingers and toes. Because of the smooth surface it is hard for algae to build up therefore there is a saving on the chemicals used and running time of the pump witch saves power and maintenance costs.
Fibreglass swimming pools retains its strength with age and is 17 times stronger than concrete. Fibreglass swimming pools never have to be drained for acid washing, re-plastering or painting like concrete swimming pools, 'Saving You Thousands of Baht!'
Fibreglass swimming pools with its smooth, non-porous surface, does not require large amounts of algaecides to combat resident algae, therefore requiring up to 66% less the cost of chemicals and less vacuuming time.
Fibreglass swimming pools require much less acid. A concrete pool bleeds Alkali into water, therefore upsetting chemical balance and preventing chlorine from doing its job, thus requiring more acid for water chemical balance.
Fibreglass swimming pools are not built in your backyard like concrete and vinyl pools.
Faster installation means less damage to your backyard and quicker use of your new swimming pool.
Fibreglass swimming pool installation
Fibreglass swimming pool installation
Less chlorine means no hair discoloration or faded bathing suits. Less chlorine also means it is less harsh on your skin and eyes.
Fibreglass swimming pool installation
Fibreglass swimming pool installation
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