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Venus - Fibreglass swimming pool

Venus - Fibreglass swimming pool

Detail and Service

Swimming pool sizes (width/length/depth):
4.5 m/ 8 m/ 1.2 m
4.5 m/ 8 m/ 1.45 m

Installation includes:

Standard Color:
Bermuda Blue (other colors are available but are special order)
Machine Room:
Aluminum structure = + Baht 10,000 (not included)
Sandstone coping, 50 cm width and 25 cm depth
(shaped and installed) = + Baht 30,000 (not included)
Filter HSF 610- SHORT
Pump 1 HP (Pool)
Pump 2 HP (Jacuzzi)
Counter Current Jet = + Baht 80,000 (not included)
Aluminum pole in 5 sections
Vacuum head
Vacuum hose
Electric control box (with remote control for lights and Jacuzzi)
Leaf skimmer
Leaf rake
Chlorine tab: 2 Kgs
Test kit
LED lights for under water: 2 × 100w 12v
Transformer PT 524: 200W 220/12V
Cement bordering around swimming pool with 50cm width
A safety pipe for under water level (new feature)
The swimming pool is fully equipped at the factory with all valves, skimmers, lights and 2'' PVC pipes (13.5 thickness)


1 year under Factory Warranty for Pumps and Filters
10 years for structural factory warranty

Please note:

Transportation cost varies depending on where you live in Thailand, additional cost will occur if pilling is required.
Venus - Fibreglass swimming pool
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